Moments in our feel-good oasis

Time to feel good - quiet moments of contemplation

""Do good to your body, that your soul may desire to dwell therein.” Theresa von Avila

Whether you have had a strenuous day at work or need to wind down after a top sporting performance, pamper yourself with a Sternstunde Magic Moment in our feel-good oasis. Treat your body and soul to a soothing massage or caring cosmetic treatment in an atmosphere of soft music and refreshing  fragrances.

Choose from a wide range of wonderful well-being programmes and individual treatments.

We use products from Babor and Charlotte Meentzen.

Restore yourself to full vitality with a swim in our pleasant indoor pool. To round off the experience, enjoy a relaxing session in the Finnish sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath and infra-red spa.

Leave everyday cares behind. Our aim is to make you feel good.


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D-36280 Oberaula

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