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Braunkohle Bergbaumuseum Borken

Lignite Mining Museum Borken
In 2006, the Hessian Lignite Mining Museum was awarded the Museum Prize of the Sparkassenkulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen (Culture Foundation of the Sparkasse Bank Hesse-Thuringia) for the best museum in Hesse and Thuringia.



Museum der Schwalm in Ziegenhain

Schwalm Regional Museum in Ziegenhain
Open from Tuesday to Sunday and holidays from 14:00 - 17:00.



Old Hessian town with historic timber-framed houses, cathedral and an Imperial history.


Bad Hersfeld Festspiele

Bad Hersfeld
with its famous Performing Arts Festival in summer. We can arrange tickets for theatre, musical or opera performances.


Burg Herzberg

Burg Herzberg
The largest hilltop fortress in the Federal State of Hesse.


Wartburgstadt Eisenach

Eisenach, home of Wartburg Castle
Eisenach is famous for Wartburg Castle overlooking the town. The Wartburg, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, was the seat of the Landgraves of Thuringia in the Middle Ages. It is also famous as the place where Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German in the course of the Reformation.



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Wildpark Knüll

Wildlife Park Knüll
The wildlife park in the Knüll Hills for all the family.


Silbersee Bob Frielendorf

Silbersee Bob (dry bobsled run) Frielendorf
 The great little theme park with its own beer garden!



Old town with picturesque timber-framed  houses in Central Hesse.


Kurhessisches Bergland

Kurhessisches Bergland (Kurhessen Upland Region)
Find out more about attractive places to visit in the Kurhessisches Bergland Region.


Grimmheimat Nordhessen

Grimmheimat Nordhessen
GrimmHeimat Nordhessen - an enchanted and enchanting landscape so unspoiled that it could easily still be home to fairies and other fabulous beasts. This is where Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm compiled the world-famous fairy tales that are now part of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.



Rotkäppchenland - Little Red Riding Hood Country
Visit the many enchanting, fairytale locations in Little Red Riding Hood Country.


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