Sit back and enjoy

Good morning! -What better way to start the day after a refreshing night’s sleep than with a hearty breakfast in our restaurant, featuring a wide variety of healthy regional specialities?

Let our friendly, attentive restaurant service team pamper you with a wide variety of delicious local and international specialities, freshly prepared for you by our kitchen staff.

We always aim to serve regional food according to season. While some classic dishes are on the menu all year round, others will change to reflect the taste and atmosphere of the respective season. Wherever possible, our products are sourced from local or regional suppliers.

Whether it is traditional regional food with local specialities, a barbecue buffet in our romantic garden park or a multi-course festive menu, our chef and his team guarantee that you will enjoy a delightful culinary experience.

Our hotel is a member of the “Hessen à la carte” cooperative association. Traditional dishes from Hesse, sometimes with a modern interpretation by our cooks, and dishes containing regional ingredients are marked with the Hessen à la carte logo.

Our Fairytale Menus are inspired by the much-loved folk tales collected and compiled by the Brothers Grimm.


Hersfelder Straße 1
D-36280 Oberaula

Tel: +49 6628 92020
Fax: +49 6628 920235

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